Cirdan Alaerion, Cleric (Sam)

Cleric, Sehanine

attrib base race god total
str 08 +0 +0 08
con 10 +0 +0 10
dex 11 +2 +0 13
int 10 +0 +0 10
wis 16 +2 +2 20
chr 17 +0 +2 19

AC 16, Fort 10, Ref 11, Will 17

Heal 10, Insight 10, Diplomacy 9

Nature 7, Perception 7

Pacifist Healer

CHANNEL DIVINITY: Healer’s Mercy, Healing Word
AT WILL: Astral Seal,+7 vs. Reflex, Sacred Flame,+5 vs. Reflex
ENCOUNTER: Exacting Utterance
DAILY: Astral Condemnation


Cirdan is from a ancient noble household, the Alaerions. The household is not rich by any means, mostly because the Alaerions use their highborn position to help and aid others rather than increase their own fortune.

His father wanted Cirdan to be a ranger. Alas, he was skinny even for an elf and was miserable at the marshal arts, even with the elvish bow. His mother wanted him to be a wizard of great renown. Alas, he was slow to learn and didn’t have a magical bone in his body. Fortunately, he found his calling at the temple of Sehanine, goddess of nobles. He excelled at the healing arts and found his love of the world.

Kildare seems aloof and distant sometimes, becoming entranced by the world around him. However, he enjoys pleasant conversation and good friends. He hates bickering and seeks to quell conflict.

Cirdan Alaerion, Cleric (Sam)

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