The continent of water.


During the sundering, the edge of this island continent fell away, leaving a floating landmass, surrounded by ocean falling into molten rock at all times. Five bridges radiate from the island continent connecting the five major ports with the five trade cities.


The climate is temperate, with typical plant life. Vepo gets the highest amount of rain in all of Quelleon. As a result, Vepo is largely self-sufficient for their basic needs. They depend on trade for nearly everything else. Vepo imports many raw materials, and has craftsman to create finished goods.

The high rainfall is the result of the constant stream of ocean and fresh water into the abyss. The water hits the molten rock, impurities are burned away, and the water is evaporated, where it forms storm clouds and rains over the interior.

Vepo has 5 major cities: Andair, Dru’thok, Kel’dan, Tek, and Yo’von. All are located along the edge of the island.

These cities are sprawling, and it is difficult for outsiders to tell just where one city ends and another begins.

From an airship, one can see the 5 bridges from the island, over the abyss, to the five great ports. Both airships and sea fairing vessels dock and unload goods here.

Each of the five major cities is comprised of extremely tall buildings near the port bridges. Large buildings also exist along the major travel routes along the edge. Away from these routes, the buildings are much smaller.

Fountains are plentiful in the developed portions of the islands, acting as delivery points for water from the interior. Great pumps run under the city to keep water flowing to the fountains and to the tops of the larger buildings.

The island is developed to several hundred meters below the surface. Many Dwarves make their home here, and there are travel routes for water and goods alike.


Heredity Council.

Vepo is ruled by the Council of Elders.


Humans, Elves, and Half-Elves are typically found here, though all races have a presence.


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