The continent of air.


During the sundering, portions of the earth broke free, and began to float. Inexplicably, these floating landmasses collected together. They now make a cycle, taking a little less than two months, over the other four continents. Two generations ago, having unlocked the secret of the floating islands, the fey races created airships to travel between islands and to trade with the earth bound races.


Elected Monarchy. The ruler serves for life, unless deposed or if they vacate the post. The ruler is elected by the most powerful 17 trade families, and have historically chosen from amongst themselves. The current ruler, Rinya, was elected 9 months ago after the sudden death of Utaire. She is the first woman to rule since the sundering, and was elected from a minor family. Her election was a shock to the majority of the population, and as a result, she is largely seen as a puppet. This system predates the sundering.


Eladrin, Elves, Warforged, and Gnomes


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